Thursday, May 27, 2010

Zoo days!

Tuesday I was supposed to work but got a **BUDGET** so Mia and I got to enjoy a girls day!  We went to the zoo and played in the water first...

After the zoo, we went to the mall to eat lunch and I had to find a swimming suit for Mia's swim lessons.

Our yummy cheesecakes!

After lunch I tried on some bathing suits and basically threw up in my mouth and decided that operation starvation was in effect!    My current membership at the gym expired this month, so I wanted to go renew and bust my butt in there!  So we went to the gym and made an appt for thursday (today) to sign up.  Then we went to Target and home!  It was a good long day!

Wednesday Mia had a follow up doctors appt for fluid on her ears.  She has had fluid on her ears for about 2 months now and it's STILL the doctor said that if she still has it at her 15 month appt, she will need to get tubes placed : (  This is sad, yet a relief for me.  I obviously don't want my child to undergo surgery, however, at this age speech development is so critical and she is still  not walking!   I mean if your equilibrium is all messed up, you can't walk correctly and if your hearing is not tip top, you can not talk properly!  So, bring on the tubes!
*Plus her top two molars have just broke the surface (tuesday) and the bottom two are SO swollen, so all of the drooling is not helping with the whole ear situation*

Daddy and Mia waiting at the doctors office

During Mia's doctors appt, I asked her about her "attitude" problem!  When she just placed the stethescope on Mia, she SCREAMED!  As soon as she quit, Mia smiled and waved at her!  I told her about her "fits" of throwing herself backward, screaming and backtalking.  At 13 MONTHS, REALLY??!!  She said yep you've definitely got a "drama queen" on your hands!  FANTASTIC!  Tell me something I don't know! HAHA I don't have a CLUE where she got it from....
*Um, doc, can you go ahead and up my meds?!*
After the appt, Daddy, Mia and I went to the zoo because daddy doesn't get to go with us very often, so he needed some play time too! 

beautiful princess!
Daddy and Mia at the water park
Mommy and Mia

Thursday was a long time planned girls day out.  First up-go sign up at the gym, then go eat lunch, mall and then zoo! 
I am so pumped about the gym, because this mom-bod NEEDS some work, badly!  Plus it just makes you feel good about yourself!
We ate lunch at a buffet so that the girls could have a variety, but both didn't act very interested.  Mia is usually a HUGE eater, but today, she wasn't feeling it!  Oh well, mommy was! HAHA  The mall trip was a quick "return something" trip and then off to the zoo.  Up until this point it was HOTT!  Miserable HOT!  Can't wait to get to the zoo and get in the water....

Playing in the water park!

Shortly after this, it started to storm and we basically had to run out, but I was exhausted!  Running around with a kid takes lots of energy.  This is something you just can't comprehend until you become a parent.  I never would have thought that a trip to wal mart would be so tiring that you postpone it until your husband or someone can go with you to help!

It has been a great 3 days off with my little girlfriend!  Now, tomorrow is back to the grind and I hear it's been terribly busy at work...BOO!  Why can't I just be a stay at home mom??!  I could totally get used to it!  Oh well, maybe God will work that out for me somehow in the future!


Tennessee Mom said...

Such great pics and I love your blog design.

I found you on The Mom Blogs and I've joined you followers. Looking forward to reading more!

Lauren said...

oh thank you so much!!