Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yard sale, relaxing Sunday

Friday was such a crazy day at work, so when I got home Ben, Mia and I decided to order Aspen Creek takeout and chill at the house.

waiting for our food...

salad, salmon, sweet potatoes and mac-n-cheese for Mia and I.  Burger for B!

Saturday we attempted to have a "huge" yard sale to get rid of a bunch of stuff from the move.  I am definitely NOT a hoarder and like to get rid of anything I haven't seen and/or used within a year.  We got up at 6am, set up and had about a total of 10 people show was a bust!  We just don't have much traffic flow in this neighborhood and I admit, I'm not a professional yard saler!  We made about $200 dollars total that day and took the rest to the Goodwill. 
At 1230 we had to leave to go to Jaelyn's 1st bee-day party!  I was in such a hurry because I was running late that I forgot my purse and camera : (  So no pics for me.  Unfortunately, we had to leave early because Mia was sooo cranky.  I think she gets overstimulated around big crowds, but then again, she just gets mad when she doesn't get her way and then throws a temper tantrum!  At 13 months, really??!  I didn't even know they knew how to do that at that age.  She is definitely a MoOdY little girl!  I have NO clue where she got that attitude from?! HAHA! ;)
After the party we had to do some running to storage, goodwill, grandma and grandpa's, then to eat.  We were gonna go to a movie, but we were so tired and Mia was so upset that we just went home and went to bed-at NINE o'clock!!!  We act soo old! HA!
Today was a GREAT, relaxing day.  We got up, had a family breakfast (courtesy of my momma), went to storage and Wal-Mart, came back home, took a dip in Mia's little pool, grilled out and then napped!  I love lazy days!

At wally world

fun in the car with daddy!

little cutie : )

We had to take a little break for a change because she pooed in the pool! HAHA!  Then we made chicken salad and guacamole!

She thought she would help with the dishes!

Swinging with her Meme : )

Telling Meme it's "all gone!"
Swimming with Uncle B


Had to get a pic of the back because it's so cute!

Daddy grilling us some fish and turkey burgers!

All the sun and swimming will wear a little girl out!

How sweet!

I mean really?!  Is she not daddy's mini me??!
Being bashful after her nap
loving on mommy!


Kisses for my love!

Overall, it was a great weekend!  I am so blessed and owe it all to God!  Thank you God for all you do for me, I am forever grateful!

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the 8 o'clock hour said...

oh fun! aspen is my fav! simming was fun i bet! and of course loving on mama is #1 lol thanks for coming on sat i cant wait to see the pics :) cant wait to see you all later today!