Saturday, June 15, 2013

A week recap

I hate doing posts like these, but I’m behind and want to catch up!

  • Sunday
Last Sunday, Mia so graciously shared her apple with her little sister ;)


And, she loved it!  The juice of it, that is!
We then went to the grocery and had dinner at the local Mexican restaurant!

Chilled little Sunday!

  • Monday

We started our day out spending time with this little cutie…

I seriously can not even stand how adorable she is!  I told her momma to watch out, I may just have to steal her :)  And?  She is a ham!  As soon as I got the camera out, she literally stopped what she was doing, posed and smiled!!  Whew her momma and daddy are in trouble!!

My little freckled face beauty wanted in on the action!

After Gracie went home, Mom, Ben, the girls and I headed out to get our Avery fix!  We then followed up with dinner at Qdoba!  All was well until Ben threw up in my car!!!  Those of you that know me, know I don’t DO vomit.  I’m not very sympathetic, especially when it is in my car!!!  Sorry B, I love you, but I can’t help you out when you are puking.  In my car!!!

  • Tuesday

We sat outside and roasted for most of Tuesday!  Mia had Addy come over, so we all hung out in the baby pool.  Maxin and relaxin.

Watering her Sammy girl!

These two are crazy together!  Kept wrestling and splashing and loving every minute!

Later that night, Poppy and Ben came to visit.  We sat outside and just hung out and talked.  Mia drew this…

Mia has NEVER been interested in writing/drawing/being creative, etc. EVER. So when she drew this I was so proud.  She drew the circle, eyes, ears and mouth and then started really scribbling on the chin and said “I’m drawing my daddy!”  HAHA!!

  • Wednesday

Work.  That’s it.  Boo.

  • Thursday

Toni, Morgan and I took our kids to the zoo and lunch.  The weather was perfect and we had good mommy fun!!

Mia and Grant


Splash park fun…
This kid loves her face in the water!!

Play dates are hard, yo…

Later that afternoon, Meme, Ben, the girls and I went to the mall and my crazy first born wanted to hold a hermit crab!  I have no clue where she comes from! 

So. Gross.

She did so good and then when they took it off of her hand she started bawling.  Not because they took it, but because “It scared meeeee!!!”  HAHA 

  • Friday

I worked until 3 and Daddy took a night off from work!  We relaxed at home and just enjoyed having him home an extra night!

Someone was sleeping good…

  • Saturday

I woke up to this little chunky sweetie!


Meme worked all day, so Poppy and Ben came to visit.  Nana and Papaw also came over to visit the girls for awhile.    Later that night, we went to a new sports bar for dinner and then had ice cream with meme at Dairy Queen once she got off work.
Gosh I love my family!

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