Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The furry sister

Although Sam may be a raging maniac when it comes to protecting, she is so good with the girls.  I admit, her level of protection is a little over-the-top, can sometimes be annoying, and she comes off as a down right mean dog, we wouldn’t trade her for any other dog.  She is doing exactly the job we got her for.  She loves this family, especially Mia and Finley SO much!

Here is some proof…

TOTALLY UNPROMPTED. I just happened to have the camera readily available!


How sweet is this???


It’s amazing how she knows to be so easy with the baby and how she can play a little bit rougher with Mia.  And she just turned a year old.  Love that dang dog!


So true.  When Mia goes outside, she knows Sam has to go with her :)
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