Saturday, June 22, 2013

Let the swimming days begin

This morning we had our outdoor family pictures.  It. Was. HOT.  We were all miserable and sweaty, so even though it was a bit late, we decided to go swimming!
We had our first official swimming day today.  The kind that actually requires swimmies and floats and momma and daddy can get in past their shins!  It was also Finley’s very first time in a pool!!

Miss Hair didn’t even hesitate and jumped right in!  Went straight under the water and LOVED it!!  That’s my girl!

And this one? Didn’t mind a bit!  She actually was smiling and laughing and loving it!


Uncle B even joined us!!
**I just have to add that while we were having our pics taken, Ben stayed at our house and cleaned it for us!!!  What an amazing brother I have, y'all!"**

Mommy and baby relaxin’.  And?  Matching RED toes :)

Did I ever mention that I LOVE summer time?!

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