Friday, June 28, 2013

Food for home and Food Trucks

I had to run to work for a couple of hours this morning to do some tests and a meeting.  After that, Dave and the girls met me at Trader Joes to get some groceries.    We are going to do a trial run of *mostly* gluten free, for a week, to see if we notice any changes.  Anyone ever do this? What changes did/do you see?

Thank you, Trader Joes, for Mia’s (and mine) new found obsession.  Cookie butter.

Next up, Whole Foods and Toys R Us.  I finally caved and bought Finley “Sophie the Giraffe” TWENTY DOLLAR teether.  I know, it’s like a glorified pet toy. Squeaker and all.  But?  She loves it.  It’s easy to hold and it reaches all those back gums.  Now she can use that instead of putting her whole fist in her mouth!  HA!

We came home, Daddy and the girls napped and I went to Wal Mart with Poppy and Ben to get a few other items.  Dave was in rare form today.  Very quiet and not smiling very much.  UNLIKE my husband. I guess the two hours of sleep he got had him feeling, ahem, a little less than energized.  So he got a pass on the Wal Mart and took a nap instead!

He woke up in a better mood and then we headed downtown to a local Food Truck event.  Five of the local Food Trucks were going to be at one location for you to try out all of their food!  It was a lot of fun!



We started off with noodle bowls, then wings, Ben had ravioli, some kind of Indian vegetables and lastly a burger!  That sounds like a lot of food, but we split everything between ALL of us!  It was fun!

The noodle bowls…

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