Thursday, June 27, 2013

Family walk and bowling with friends

We started our day off with a nice long walk, this time hoping to wear the dog out, not the children!  HA!

She thought we were going for a ride!  Not exactly, sister.

All ready to go!   And yes, Mia insisted on going for a walk in a dress.  She is a MAJOR clothes diva already. Changing constantly.  Loves dresses and play heels.  God, help me!

Mia wanted to walk Sam, and surprisingly, Sam didn’t pull her at all.  She was actually so good, there was slack in the leash and it kept getting wrapped up in her legs!

Dave tried to walk Sam up in the big field, but all she could do is keep looking back to make sure the girls and I were still there :)  Protective girl!

After our walk, the girls and I headed to the Bowling Alley with my friend Katie and her boys Alex and Max and the little princess Jenna!  Mia just LOVES Alex!

Mia’s very first time bowling…

Max, Alex and Mia


She got so excited to knock down some pins!  HAHA

Sweet matching little sister!

We then went to Jason’s Deli for lunch and Gigi’s for cupcakes.  Unfortunately, Mia didn’t get a cupcake due to behavior and not listening to her momma.  As much as it broke my heart and I wanted to cave in and get her one, I had to stick to my word, so that she knows I am serious. But, I REALLY wanted to cave.

On the way home, we stopped by Poppy’s house because Grand Poppy was over visiting.  He just got back from Paris and brought the girls back some cute shirts! 

We came home. Mia had meltdown of epic proportions. Stayed in her room for an hour. Multiple spankings. Momma in tears.  Story for whole different post.

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