Sunday, June 2, 2013

A random Sunday

Miss Finley is in some sort of growth-spurt-four-month-sleep-regression-type thing, and I am exhausted!!  She has been waking up to nurse about every two hours, so this morning, Daddy let me sleep in until 930!!!  Unfortunately, we missed physically going to church, but I did watch it LIVE on the internet!  But, the sleep was SO needed!  Thank you husband!

Mia and I ran to Kroger to get some items (her favorite grocery store because of the little people carts they have!  She feels like such a big girl with these!), and then came back and she immediately put her bathing suit on.  That girl LIVES in a bathing suit these days!  She even asks to sleep in them (when she isn’t sleeping in a dress).  I have obliged a couple of times.  What is it going to hurt?!  She’s only little once, and I have to pick my battles :)

We had a fruit smoothie…

Momma tried to get some things done, but noticed baby sister falling asleep in the jumper, so I picked her up and snuggled her during nap time!  They grow so fast and the house can wait, but my babies can NOT!


After about an hour, I put her in her bed so I could put away some of her clothes.  Sleeping with her eyes open freaks me out!

This is a little absurd…
Some of what is in her closet.  This does not even include her full dresser!  Note: It is nice to have a big sister for some hand-me-downs!

After nap, we washed cars, jumped, played and enjoyed the doors and windows open in this perfect weather!




I love the weekends!

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