Saturday, September 7, 2013

A birthday party and a soccer practice

Daddy went to the UL football game this afternoon, so the girls and I went to my friends daughters birthday party.  They had a huge jumpy with a water slide connected to it.  Mia was in heaven!!


This pool thing was attached to the bottom of the slide!  It looked like so much fun, I wanted to do it!!

Waiting on some cake!

After the party, Daddy came home and Meme watched Finley so we could take Mia to practice for soccer.

I’ve never been a soccer fan, but seriously?  Once your kid starts doing any activity/sport, you GET INTO IT!!  I am SO pumped!!
New cleats!


She loves it!  We just have a small problem.  She doesn’t like for anyone else to kick the ball ;)  We’re gonna have to work on that! HA!

Can’t wait until her first game!

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