Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mia’s First Soccer Game

I can’t exactly say it was a success.  I guess she did as much as all 4-5 year olds do.  Chase the ball some, pick some grass, sit on the field and come off the field to tell me “Mama, I’m SO tired!”


She at least looked super cute doing it!


As much as I hate to admit it, I was SO my father’s daughter out there.  Yelling at Mia when she wasn’t paying attention to “KICK THE BALL!”, “PAY ATTENTION!” etc. Dave and I were probably the most obnoxious parents there.  And we are playing for our church

I really need to get it together.

During practice.  Mia’s turn to kick the ball!

Her team consists of 4 AND 5 year olds, and I’m pretty sure she is one of the youngest on the team, and definitely one of the smallest!  I need to give  a lot some slack.
Stretching and warming up!  How cute are little kids warming up??

This picture cracks me up!  During their warm up run, my poor girl got stampeded!
The little trooper got right back up and kept running! HAHA

Daddy giving Mia a little constructive criticism ;)


Pretty sure I felt terrible for being so hard core after the game.  Next game I am just going to sit back and let her have fun!  Life it too short to get all worked up.  Especially about a soccer game :)

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