Monday, September 16, 2013

Work out, Moe’s and a new addition

A couple weeks ago, I had a terrible melt down and basically cried to my husband about how I was fat and unhealthy and out of shape and the babies ruined my body and how I was losing myself in mommy hood, and all the irons I have in the fire and how we don’t eat the best and we have to be there for our kids and not die early, blah blah blah. 
It’s ok.  You can, and should, feel sorry for him.  I do.  Thankfully he has the patience of a saint and loves me :)

Needless to say, we joined the local gym.  He has always had a gym membership at his work and has always worked out about 3 days per week.  We both had tried the local crossfit gym, AND LOVED IT, but they didn’t have childcare, which made it nearly impossible for us, so I had to quit that.  Although a typical gym isn’t as fun and motivating as boot camp/cross fit, it was the only option I had left.  (I certainly can’t motivate myself at home.)  I was kind of excited because, not only do I get to workout and get healthy, I got an hour of just mommy time.  Know what I mean???

The girls love going, (well, Finley is just her happy self, but Mia asks to go!) and I get to have some recharging time to myself.  Even if I just go and walk on a treadmill for an hour while watching my favorite show in peace.  Amen?  Amen.

Any who, Dave and I worked out this morning together.  He knows A LOT about the gym and exercising.  He had his personal training certification and also trained people, back in the day, before our real jobs got in the way.  How dare those real jobs and bills.

This is cheesy, but I seriously think he is super hot when he works out!  I’m so impressed by his strength.  He is freakishly strong.  He doesn’t look as big as he is strong, but man!  So, I snapped a picture of him when he didn’t know it to get some proof ;)

Ok, enough of the gagging stuff.

We came home from the gym and he made us a hibachi-type lunch.  It was delicious and healthy!


Once he went to work, Meme came to watch Mia while Finley and I had a night together.  We met one of the high school girls I teach in small group at church, at Moe’s. It was a lot of fun, and I just love those girls.  I love investing time in their lives.  I hope and pray that my girls find good friends and leaders who want the best for their lives, because I know, I won’t always be the cool thing to hang out with.

Before our date!  All pinked out and cute as ever!

After dinner, we went to see the newest family member, Jackson!!!  Dave’s aunt and uncle adopted a precious baby boy, and they got to bring him home today!!  Their hearts are officially complete, and we are so happy for them. And also happy for us, to have a new cousin in the family!!!

The sweet little snuggle bug!

What an amazing Monday!  Full of Gods love, grace and blessings!  He is in every detail.  I am thankful.

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Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

This made me laugh!!!! I'm struggling with me time and gym time. Luckily we eat relatively healthy, but I drink too much wine :)

We drive by my old gym and Mia will always point to it and say "Mom, there's the gym. Why don't we go there anymore?" Oy.

My goal is to get there or somewhere this month, get back on a routine and get some more time for me and to get some focus on my health.