Sunday, September 15, 2013

Super lazy weekend

Saturday we woke up and did a quick little clean of the house and then headed over to Poppy’s house for the UL vs UK football game!!  Meme worked all weekend, so we missed her, but still enjoyed our time with Poppy and Ben!

Funny thing is, I was raised a UK fan, however, I attended nursing school at UofL. I was in multiple General education classes with the basketball players my first two years, so I thought I would root them on.  My dad, on the other hand, thought that was a terrible idea.  My personality (and my dads) is very similar.  So the competition began.  My parents are Cat fans, we are the Card fans. The rest is history!

My little cardinal birds!  I must say, they do make RED look good :)

After the glorious WIN by the cardinals (!!!), lots of snacking on yummy food, we had a bon fire!!

My big girl roasting her hot dog.  Like a boss.


We didn’t do much on Sunday because I had to work a few hours.

Me and my squishy hanging out before work…


Dave and the girls went back to watch football with Poppy and Ben while me and Meme worked. After work, Meme and I joined them for a bit!

I love lazy weekends, family time, football, fall weather and food!!  Great weekend :)

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