Saturday, September 21, 2013

Busted up plans

Today we had plans for Mia’s first soccer game, followed by a trip to Kings Island (for Dave’s work picnic).  It was going to be a day full of fun and family.


First thing in the morning, we got a call that the game had been cancelled due to the rain.  Boo.  I was so excited for this first game!

Then, because of the rain, we decided to not go to Kings Island, also.  Again, I was bummed, however, it did make sense to NOT drive an hour to Cincinnati, to not be able to ride rides or enjoy ourselves because of the rain.

Instead, we cleaned.  Yay for awesome alternatives.  HA!

These two just hung out! Sam trying to teach Finley how crawl!

After we got done cleaning, we met up with some great friends for dinner and froyo! 


Although not the grand plans I had intended, it ended up being a great day.  Love spending time with family and just doing life with friends.  So nice to have people that invest in your life as well!

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