Monday, September 16, 2013

Finley is 8 months!

My little squishy is EIGHT months old!!  I say this EVERY post, but for real?  She is an absolute delight.  She is seriously the happiest baby I’ve ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because she is my kid.  Every where we go people stop to talk to her and she delivers them that huge smile and those joy filled eyes!


FinnyQ is a major mama’s girl.  I don’t know if it’s the nursing, or what, I’m her person.  Granted, she is happy with just about every one, but she would always prefer me.  And I kind of love that.


Sleep:  The.Exact.Same.  Still wakes up every 3-4 hours through the night to eat/comfort herself.  Whatever.  Again, I’m fine with it.  I cherish it.  This time goes way to fast for me to fret.

Eat:  Finley is currently still loving, ahem, the boob.  She also loves those organic fruit pouches of baby food.  She doesn’t care for the veggie ones, though.  She is proving to be my more “picky” child.  However, I do like to give her a “taste” of basically everything, to broaden her palate with different tastes and textures.  She is now in the grabbing stage.  She wants to grab the spoon and feed herself.  We are making quite a mess these days.

Milestones:  We kind of Crawl!!  She totally scoots backwards, but that’s a start, right??  She pushes up with her arms, gets her knees going (but not all the way up under her) and then scoots backwards.  And if she doesn’t do that, she puts her arms back by her side and kicks her legs.  Resembles that of a penguin, gliding on the ice on their belly :)

The crawl…

We have our two front, bottom teeth!!  Those actually came in about 3 weeks ago, and those are the only ones so far! 
See my teefs?…

How picture time is starting to be like…

Likes:  BATH TIME, with or without sister.  Feeding time, being carried around everywhere, being interacted with, swinging and basically All things in life.  She doesn’t even mind diaper changes.


Dislikes:  Ummm, being left alone to play independently for long periods of time.  Honestly, that’s about all I can think of…


Finley, you absolutely light up my life.  Before you were born, I always questioned my ability to be able to love another child the way I loved Mia.  God gave me you to prove that, in fact, I certainly can.  In fact, I love you and Mia so much, it physically hurts.  I can not believe how abundantly blessed I am. When I put it into context of how much I love you, it totally overwhelms me to know that God loves you even more than I do.  I am so thankful for such a loving heavenly father, who trusted little ole me, with your precious life.  Now, it is my turn to raise you up to know Him, the lover and keeper of your soul, and I promise to you that I will do my very best.  I will fail often, but will always get back up to do the right thing, and point you in the right direction, for you and your sister.  I love you so much, my precious gift.

Happy 8 months, lovey!

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