Friday, September 13, 2013

Sweet memories

Last night as I was getting the girls ready for bed and picking up the house, I overheard Mia talking. I walk in the kitchen and see her sitting at the table, “reading” through her AWANA book!


I saw that as my golden opportunity to tell her that weeks story and go over her verse.  Sometimes she just will not have it and she doesn’t want to be read too.  At times like this, I have to capitalize!!  I love hearing her recite her verses and tell me the story of Jesus death and crucifixion.  Maybe I’m not doing it ALL wrong!

Today, daddy took a vacation day!  YAY!!!!!  While we let him sleep, I took Mia to school and Finley and I met some of my mommy friends at the zoo!  It was absolutely beautiful weather!

I can’t even handle the cute that this girl pours out!

We then went home and picked up daddy and Mia and headed to the mall.

I swear she can find fun in any situation!

After the mall, we met Poppy and Ben (Meme worked, again.) at a new BBQ restaurant!  We then did a family Wal Mart trip (in order to prepare for the football game tomorrow) and hung out at our house until we all fell asleep!

I love Friday nights with the husband and family!!

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