Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Finley is ELEVEN months old!

And I officially have less than one month until I have a ONE YEAR OLD and her first birthday party.  Excuse me while I go sob in the corner.



We have also officially entered the stage of total mobile baby that will never hold still for a picture.

This little lady is still sweet and as full of sugar as a full fledged mountain dew.  She never meets a stranger.  She will let anyone hold her (as long as mama is still in eye sight) and she loves to talk and wave to everyone!!  My little social butterfly!!




Ms. Squishy LOVES to eat.  I have yet to find a food that she doesn’t like.  I give her everything we eat, even though she still only has TWO teeth!!  We are also down to just nursing before bed at night.  The rest of the day she eats food  and 6 or 7 ounce bottles.




As far as sleep goes, she FINALLY sleeps through the night!!!  Fin usually goes to bed around 8-830 and wakes up anywhere from 6-730.  She then takes her morning bottle and will sometimes go back to sleep for an hour or so.  She still takes a morning and late afternoon nap, for about 1-2 hours each.




Although she doesn’t WALK yet, she is super fast at crawling!!!  She will pull up on everything, cruise a bit on furniture, but no standing alone or walking.  And I am SO okay with that.  I am savoring every ounce of babyhood I can get.  You can ask my family, any time someone asks how old she is, I will always say the month she is, up until the day before turning the next month. She was ten months old until yesterday! HA




Finley Claire says “mama”, “dada”, “doh doh” and “bye-bye.”  She waves, claps, shakes her head “no” and leans her head to the side when we say “awww”!!  She loves to play with big sister and get into all of her toys and closet!!




We love you so much Fin Fin!!

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