Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving #2 and Frozen

This morning Dave and I worked in the church nursery before heading over to his family Thanksgiving.  I must say, he is SO good with kids.  Like, better than me.  And the funny thing?  He tends to hang with the girls!  HAHA!  Such an awesome daddy, especially a GIRL daddy!!

We had more great food and family time with Dave’s family!  Again, not too many pics, as we were enjoying our time!

Here is Aunt Terri with baby Jackson and Finley…


And my little photog daughter got this sweet picture of Jack…

Such a sweet, cute boy :)

After we left there, Dave said he needed to run to Wal-Mart for something.  He wouldn’t tell me what it was, so I sat in the car with the girls while they slept, while he ran in to get something.  He came back out with Princess Anna from Frozen.  We were planning on taking them to see the movie tonight.  He said he wanted Mia to have it waiting for her after the movie.  He is such a special daddy to his girls!!

So, we headed to the movies (yes, we took Finley. And, she was an absolute angel.  Stayed awake for about 30 minutes and then peacefully fell asleep in my arms) at 715.  When we got out of the car, Dave put the doll in her car seat so that it would be a surprise for her when we came out of the movie.


We got in, grabbed some popcorn and had a seat…


After the movie, we were getting the girls loaded in the car and when Mia spotted her doll, she stopped, grabbed her, her eyes got HUGE and then the biggest smile came across her face!  She was SO excited and it was SO worth it!!

And the movie?  Super cute!  Definitely one we will buy and watch over and over again!!

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