Friday, December 13, 2013

Road trip! Part 1

Today we headed to St. Simons Island, Georgia for a family members wedding.  Although it is an 11 hour drive, with two children, and for only 2 days, we wanted to take the short little road trip! 

We left at 5am and the girls (and daddy!), slept the first few hours.  There was something about driving in the dark, hearing the quiet breathing of my 3 loves, that just made me smile.  Love my people and feel so blessed.


Sleepy husband worked the night before and we left as soon as he got home.  So his nights sleep, was sitting up straight, in a car! HA!

I got a good number of hours tackled before we had to stop for gas and lunch.  We grabbed a quick lunch and had a short stretch break at Wendy’s.  The girls were beyond good on this trip!


One last potty break before the final leg of the trip!

We left a place with weather in the 20’s-30’s, with snow on the ground, and got to the place with weather in the mid-to-high 60’s (with sunshine and a beach, I might add!!)

This is about 2-3 hours NORTH of where we were headed!

We checked in our room, got ready, went to dinner (where Mia fell asleep on her daddy) and then came back to the room. We were all exhausted!


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