Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Glam and JT Day!

First thing this morning, Mia and I had a girls day at the hair salon.  I love having daughters and especially now that Mia is older, I love being able to take her with me to get hair and nails done! 

The first time she has ever let Ms. Rhonda wash her hair like a big girl!


After mama and daughter got our hair done, Meme and Pops came to watch the girls so Dave, Ben and I could go to the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE(!!!) concert!  Thank you mom and dad for our early Christmas gift!!

We traveled to Indianapolis to see the concert and I got to see one of my faves Joelle while we were there too!!!


Me and my lover :)

Me, Dave and Ben, ready for the show!!


Justin performed for 3 straight hours, and can I just say, that was the BEST concert EVER.  In the history of EVER.  He can sing, dance, entertain, everything!!!  LOVE HIM!!

We had a GREAT time!

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