Thursday, January 5, 2012

And were out of the house!

After being cooped up for a few days, Mia and I needed OUT!!
First up, Chick-fil-A!
They started serving GRILLED chicken nuggets on the kids menu!!!
And momma needed a sweet tea, since it’s been over a WEEK since I’ve had one! HA!
Next up:  Dinner with one of my fave people, Joelle!!
And of course we had sushi :)
Joelle is one of *the* most kind hearted, genuine people I know. She is so sweet and caring and I just love her to pieces!
Mia eating her fruit with chopsticks!
The girls :)
Mia and Joelle playing on her iPod!
We got our bellies full and headed home.  Mia skipped her nap today (by skip I mean she was jumping in her bed naked for about an hour), so she is deliriously hyper!
She’s got to get a good night sleep tonight because we are headed to the zoo with friends tomorrow!

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Jillian said...

I was just there and I didn't see the grilled ones! I wonder if my kids would even eat them??