Sunday, January 22, 2012

What we did this weekend

Actually, we didn’t do much.  Dave had to work Saturday, so Mia and I went out to eat with Meme, Poppy, B, Kyle, Noona, Charlie and Brody!  Since my work schedule changed, Mia and the boys hadn’t seen each other very much lately, and they really missed each other!
Throwing pennies into the fountain and making wishes :)

After we ate, we all came back over to Meme and Poppy’s house to hang out and let the kiddos play!

Meme and her girl!
We had a good night, but we definitely missed daddy!

This morning we headed out to church and then to Target, because of my mother-of-the-year award allowed me to run out of diapers.  Yep, she wore the last one to church today.  I know, I’m awesome. HA!

We came home from Target and ALL 3 of us took a 2 hour nap!  We love us some naptime in the Huff House :) I was supposed to go to work tonight, but got cancelled thank goodness!  Now we are all chilling on the couch together waiting for all of these storms we are supposed to be getting…

And just because she’s so sweet…

She rubs lotion on her baby and says “you’re all better!”

Hold me.  My baby now eats the whole apple, NOT cut up, like a big child.  I’ve never been a fan of allowing this because I’m so scared she may choke, but she absolutely loves eating the apple like a big girl. Trust me, I didn’t leave her side for a second :)

Have a great week!


SassyCassie said...

She is so big eating that apple. My weirdo kid won't eat any fresh fruit. He acts like it's all sour so I have to make smoothies.

And regarding your comment on my post about us having little parrots now, it's SO true! And not only do we have to watch the words, but the attitudes and mannerisms, too!

Patricia Perkowski said...

I remember when our four, we have twin girls 16 and two boys, men now really, 26 and 21; were that small, so excited by life and so important that we as moms convey a real love for life: after all we are baptized to be Priest Prophet and Queen!