Monday, January 16, 2012

Update and Elevator pitch

I had my HIDA scan today and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be.  It was just incredibly boring lying still for an hour and a half!  Good news is: it’s over.  Bad news: my gallbladder isn’t exactly up on it’s functioning game.  Well, I guess that could be good news as well.  I’ve been having an aching, gnawing pain in the pit of my stomach, as well as a baseline nausea, all day, every day for the past, oh, 10 months or so.  Needless to say, I am thankful that I have an answer


Again, I am thankful for God and His plan.  He knew that I would be *absolutely miserable* for 9-10 months while pregnant, hence the reason I haven’t gotten preggo yet:)  Now, I can have my gallbladder removed and have my laparoscopy at the same time and *hopefully* have a pleasant pregnancy afterward! 


In other news, I’ve started in a 31 day Blogging challenge.  The book I bought is 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, and I have joined the SITS girls forums to help with this and to also connect with other bloggers.  The first day challenge is to come up with an “elevator pitch.”  What is my blog about?  Who is my audience I am trying to reach?  I am getting ready to start brainstorming for my elevator pitch, with the help of the hubby’s creative juices, that is!


What do you think it should be?

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Jillian said...

My neighbor had major gallbladder issues when she was pregnant and had it removed as soon as her baby was born!