Thursday, January 12, 2012

I have a growth

I mean, not like a tumor or anything.  Just a crazy growing kid.  When I put her 2T jeans on her this morning (ahem, her high-water 2T jeans), I realized I hadn’t posted any updates on Mia recently.  This is purely for my memory purposes.
Mia, you are weighing in right around 29-30 lbs.  You have been hovering around this weight for about 6 months or so, despite your crazy appetite!  However, I have noticed that all of your jeans are becoming *short* to say the least.  I had to go out and buy you 3T jeans and they fit perfectly in length but are huge around your waist! HA!
Your talking has increased exponentially over the past few months.  You know speak in sentences and you do it all.the.time.  There are not many “quiet” times during the day, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love hearing you talk!
Just over the past couple weeks, your potty training has really improved!  I basically let you run around the house naked or with panties on and keep your potty in the living room so that you have easy access to it!  When you use the potty, you get skittles.  One skittle for pee pee and two skittles for poo. Needless to say, you’re not getting many skittles at a time these days :)  One day after you used the potty you were telling me that you wanted “beans.”  I had no idea what you were talking about so I let you *show* me.  You were talking about the skittles! HA!  I have no clue where you got that from, but whatever works!

You know all of your body parts, almost all of your colors, all of your basic shapes (with the exception of ones like octagon), most all animals and their sounds AND can count to 20!  Every now and then you miss a number or so, but for the most part you can do it!  It amazes me how much of a sponge your little brain is.  You pick up things and say words that I didn’t even know you knew!

You are very mothering.  You love to talk to your babies, change their (dipe-ahs), rock them, feed them and kiss their boo boos!  You also put them in time-out and spank them every now and then ;)  You also like to kiss my boo boos.  All it takes is for me to say “ouch” and you say “You ok momma?  I kiss it!”

You are boy crazy over Justin Beiber!  I didn’t think it would set in this early, but you love him!  Daddy downloaded your favorite song of his “Baby” on your iPod and you listen to it no less than 5 times per day.  I actually used to like that song, but it has officially worn out it’s welcome in my ears and brain. HA!

Your favorite TV show is STILL Mickey Mouse.  When I say I am burnt out, it is an *understatement*!!! You are to the point now where you will answer all of their questions!

Your favorite food is chicken and fruit.  You used to not be picky at all, but you are really starting to assert your independence on what you eat.  The only two things that you have never phased out is chicken and fruit.  And you love them.  You may very well turn into a chicken!

You still sleep in your crib because a) you never try to climb out and b) I don’t want to end up with a toddler in my bed every night :)  You are still on a good sleep schedule, sleeping about 10-12 hours each night and taking about a 1-2  hour nap each day.

Your attitude?  WOW!  I definitely think 3 is going to be harder than 2.  You want to be independent so badly that you are acting out and back talking.  If I say “no” you keep doing whatever it was I told you NO for all while looking at me, almost *daring* me to stop you.  When I correct you, you look away.  I would hold your face toward me while disciplining you and you would turn your eyes away from me.  Actually, you don’t mind be disciplined at all.  You don’t cry when I spank you or put you in timeout.  I’m running out of things to try. You are truly testing me these days.  With all that being said, you are not a *bad* little girl, you are just acting your age.  And despite all of your new found independence, you are also an absolute sweet heart!


Every day that I have with you is a gift from God.  I love spending time with you and watching you grow. You are my pride and joy and I love you more than you will ever know!

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