Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Neat things.

You know you’re married and/or a parent when your Friday night consists of grocery shopping and a trip to the bookstore!  HA!  I wouldn’t have it any.other.way.  Plus, we found some really neat things.


First stop:  Whole Foods



Has anyone ever heard of these drinks?  Dave had been reading up on these and the health benefits of them, so when they had them on sale BOGO free, we bought some.  They have many health benefit claims but there is limited evidence.  I must say that they smell like vinegar and don’t have much better of a taste :)  I did grow on me toward the end of the bottle.  It’s definitely an acquired taste!!




They had Mia’s bars on sale!  YAY!  Her Clif bars were only $.69!!  She loves them and thinks they are candy bars ;) 




I also found these cool smoothie packs-on sale!  Can’t wait to try them!  Whole Foods was having such a great sale!


Next stop was:  Lifeway Bookstore



My two books that I got.  For anyone who knows me, I have struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember.  My earliest memory of fear/anxiety was when I was about 6 years old. I was constantly terrified that my parents would die.  I don’t know what it stems from, but it is something that I have battled for a long time.  I’ve tried medicine, therapy, relaxation techniques and obviously praying.  When I calm myself down, the anxiety just creeps right back up within minutes.  It is a constant battle.  Someone on Twitter mentioned the “Calm My Anxious Heart” book, so I immediately went out to buy it!  I have gotten better, but I want to be anxiety-free!



Guess who’s book this is?  My ADD husband?  Yep, you guessed it!  He said he needed the comic-book-type bible to keep him really focused during his quiet time.  Hey, whatever works right?



Mia’s new book.  It’s like the kid version of “The Story.”  I actually love reading her this book because some things in the bible are over my head, but this simplifies and explains.  Right on my learning level :) HA!


Yep, that was pretty much our Friday night.  And you know what?  It was awesome.

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SassyCassie said...

I need that book about anxiety! I almost hate driving anywhere in the car with Sam anymore because I start to panic about getting in an accident.

Sam got the Jesus Storybook Bible for Easter last year and I love it. Each page is still a little too wordy for his attention span. (He'll sit forever and read as long as there aren't too many words on the page) But we're still trying to read a little bit each day.