Monday, January 2, 2012

On the mend…

Finally!  After FIVE days of stomach flu, dehydration, weakness, terrible appetite aversion and ZERO energy, I am back to normal!  We decided today we would just hang out and I would give this house some much needed disinfecting and tender loving care.  But first, we got a surprise visit from Meme and Poppy!
Meme had to work all day yesterday, so she wanted to come visit her favorite little lady, and we always love to see her :)  And poppy too ;)

We had some pretty snow flurries to look at out of our back door.  I’m not one for the cold weather, but at least if it has to be cold, bring on the snow!

Like mother, like daughter! HA!
I caught up on all the laundry, disinfected and organized, so then it was on to bath time..


And this girl?  Has the beauty routine of a princess ;)  Imagine that!

Follow all of that up with some craftiness and reading and our night is complete!


Unfortunately daddy had to go back to work tonight and we miss him terribly.  We loved having him home every night for the past week!  Love you daddy!

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