Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankfulness Days 21 & 22

Day 21: My sassafras.  Mia has SO much attitude and sass.  The child oozes with personality. She is dramatic, spunky, wild, funny, energetic and just plain demanding.  Some days, she is seriously exhausting!  I mean that in the best, most loving way, but some days, from the moment she wakes up until the moment her eyes close for bedtime, she is *NON STOP* HA!  On days when I feel like I literally can not discipline anymore, I stop and think about how lucky I am.  How lucky I am to have a child who can walk and talk and be wild and silly.  How undeserving I am to have a daughter who is completely healthy and not in the hospital fighting for her life.  How blessed I am to have a child with a mind of her own and strong sense to be independent.  I am tremendously thankful for the wild child God gave me and I will absolutely rejoice in that dramatic little personality I have on my hands!

Day 22:  Forgiveness.  The receiving and giving of it.  I delight in the fact that I have a Father who forgives me even when I fail him daily.  I also love when I have done someone else wrong and they graciously forgive me.  But what really feels wonderful is forgiving others who have wronged you. What a release it is to have that burden off of your mind and to grant someone forgiveness.  If we want God to forgive us, we must forgive others.  I totally get how hard it is because I am a prime subject of someone who holds grudges.  However, after reading a chapter on forgiveness in our “Seeking Him” bible study, I realized how important forgiveness is for us to give and to get.  God spoke to me in that chapter and I have since made improvements in this area.  It feels so good :)  Thank you God for forgiving me and loving me even though I do not deserve it!


I know I haven’t posted many pics lately, but honestly, I haven’t TAKEN any lately!  I know it is terrible because I am the mommarazzi, but I have been slacking, however, they are coming soon.  Promise :)

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