Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankfulness Day #9

Given my job and my daughters previous and current health issues, I am constantly around physicians.  Whether it be Obstetricians, pediatricians, neonatologists or endocrinologists I am very thankful to have them.  These people, especially the ones who have taken care of Mia and I, are selfless, loving people.  They are very caring and take each concern seriously.
Dr. Shah and Dr. Cohen:  The best neonatologist in the world who saved my baby girl under Gods instruction and grace.  These men are scary smart and they will always hold a special place in my heart.  I am so lucky I get to work with such amazing people!
Dr. Paul:  The one who helped me get pregnant with my precious little lady.  The one who was there to deliver my girl and basically save me while I was hemorrhaging.  I have Dr. Paul’s cell number in my phone and feel completely comfortable calling her if needed.  I feel like I have more than just a doctor/nurse or doctor/patient relationship with her!
Dr. Kim:  Mia’s pediatrician.  Sweetest man I think I’ve ever met.  I don’t even know what else to say.  He always asks about Mia, even while he is working and seeing other patients, he always sits down and talks with me about Mia and our life.  He is a genuine as it comes.  Again, cell number on speed dial on my phone.  Love him!
Dr. Wintergerst:  Mia’s endocrinologist.  Although we don’t see him very often (thank God!), he is very smart and caring.  He has taken great care of my girl!
I know all doctors are smart, but my circle of doctors?  Amazing!
I am very thankful for each one of them!

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