Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankfulness Day #3

Today I am thankful for my mom.  You guys?  I know you may think your mom is awesome, but MY mom?  Is the icing on the cake AND the cherry on top.  She is the top notch momma. 
My mom is my best girlfriend, my counselor, my advisor, my encourager and my partner-in-shopping-crime!  When I am sick, I STILL need my momma.  Back in April when I was going through some medical issues, I wanted my mom by my side at all times.  For some reason I just felt safe and like everything was going to be ok when she was with me.  If I ever have a question about Mia, I call her first.  Although my mom has no medical education, she has wisdom, experience, motherly intuition and a warm heart and THAT?  Is better than anything!  Obviously I call the doctor whenever I need too, but my momma is valuable and priceless!
God has blessed me with the best mom a girl could ask for I only hope I can be half the mom to Mia as she is to me.
Not only is mom a great mom, but she is an even better Meme-if that’s even possible!  I am so fortunate that Mia gets to have her in her life.
I love you mom!


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Jillian said...

What a sweet post! And my grandma is a meme too:) it's French for Grandma!