Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sushi, Froyo, game night and Best girlfriends day!

This past Friday night Mia and I went to eat sushi with Meme, Poppy and B!  We missed Daddy, but he was out providing for the family!  Love him.  After sushi we met up with Kyle (Ky-wool), Tina (noona), Brody (Bwody) and Charlie (Cha-lee) for some frozen yogurt!  YUM!



I worked all weekend long, so we’ve been having fun this week.

Last night Mia and I headed to Meme and Poppy’s house for a little trick-or-treating.  Yes, I gave in, BUT we only went for about 30 minutes.  My little fruit was so sweet, she would give you a cavity!  Well, except for the part where someone put candy in her bag and instead of saying thank you, she said “more!”  Mommy was speechless.  I am all about some manners, so this was a little disappointing!  Then we came home and played some Aggravation and Rummy.  It was such a fun night!

Today Mia and I decided since Meme was finally off a day from work that we would have a much needed girls day!  We love spending time with our Meme :)

We went to pick Meme up and then headed out to lunch at Qdoba!  Poppy and B don’t really like it, so it was a perfect place for us to get to eat!


After lunch we had to run to Kohls to get some new sunglasses since mine have somehow disappeared.  Then it was time to head to the zoo.  Meme doesn’t get to go with us very often, so we were excited to take her with us and show her the ropes ;)  It was absolutely perfect weather for the zoo.  We had a blast…



We spent a lot of time at the polar bear exhibit.  Those of you aren’t familiar with the Louisville Zoo, our polar bear exhibit has been under construction for basically a couple of years and when it finally opened, the poor lone bear that was in there did absolutely NOTHING,  It was so boring and felt like a waste.  They announced earlier in the year that they would be bringing a new cub into the exhibit named “Qannak” (don’t hold me to that spelling!)  This cub had been in training for quite some time, so when we saw this active cub in the exhibit today, we were beyond excited!!


Qannak kept coming down by the window where Mia was.  There were zoo workers/photographers taking pictures of Qannak and Mia because it was almost like she was coming down to see Mia!  Maybe she just looked like a snack, but it was still cute! HA!

After the zoo, we headed to the mall and the Christian bookstore for a little retail therapy!  Mia got a new pair of tennies, I bought Daddy a hoodie and a book  and mommy got a book and some smell goods from Bath and Body Works!

I bought Dave “The Resolution for Men” book and me the “Shepherding a Childs Heart” book.  I can not wait to dive in to my new book!  I’ll let ya know how it is.  I have become an avid book reader lately.  Weird.


You guys??  These shoes are a size 8!!!  They fit pretty perfectly, so I should’ve bought a 9 for her to have plenty of room to grow in, but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy that big of a shoe!  She has a Godzilla size foot!  HAHA!

We wrapped up our night by spending some time with Poppy and B and surfing pinterest with Meme :)

*Oh, and I had to YouTube the Justin Beiber “Baby” song for my child.  She has Beiber fever and she’s only 2!  Uncle B about had a melt down!  HAHA!

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SassyCassie said...

Oh my gosh! Those polar bear pictures are AMAZING!