Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankfulness Day 17, 18, 19 & 20

We have been so busy enjoying I have not had time to blog, but I have still consciously been thinking of what I am thankful for everyday.

#17: My profession.  Not my job this time, but my career as a nurse.  Every work day, I get to make an impact on peoples lives.  I get to take care of a mothers and fathers most important little love…their newborn baby!  I *hopefully* show Gods grace through the attitude I have and through the work that I do.  I am so thankful for the career I have chosen.  I know I often complain, but how much better does it get than to be with families during the most special time in their lives? I remember all of the nurses who took care of Mia and I when she was born, do you remember the nurses who took care of you?

#18:  Late night shopping trips or hangouts with Mom, Ben and Mia.  We are like four peas in a pod!    On Friday we ventured out to the mall and target to look around a bit and to just hang out and enjoy each others company.  When we are together, we all act silly.  We try on hideous coats and hats, take pictures and absolutely crack up!  We do all kinds of silly things and I am very very thankful to have that special fun time with my family!

#19:  DATE NIGHT with my husband!  Saturday, Dave and I headed to Lexington with some of our oldest, best friends to see Tim McGraw in concert.  Mia got to spend the night with her Meme and Poppy, so we know she was having fun too :)  The concert was a free event sponsored by Dave’s work, Toyota, for their 25 anniversary of having a plant in Kentucky.  They had comedian George Lopez, an illusionist and Tim McGraw…All for FREE!  Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love spending time with our little lady, but we need some time to ourselves to keep our marriage strong!  We had a great time!

#20:  Feel good movies.  I finally got to see Facing the Giants and it was fantastic.  I love movies that make you cry that happy cry and feel so warm and fuzzy inside. So many movies now days show violence and promote the use of alcohol and drugs and encourage promiscuity.  I love seeing movies that show the power of Gods love when you give Him the glory.  I also love the fact that God knows just when you need to hear a certain message, and tonight, I needed to watch that movie.  God is pretty stinking smart ;) HA!

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