Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankfulness Day #10

My home.
Although my home is wherever my husband and daughter are, I am also thankful for my actual “dwelling place” or “humble abode!” 
We live in a very modest and comfortable house.  It has working heat and air, provides a roof over our head and is pretty cute :) I used to be prideful and feel like my success was based on the size house I live in or what kind of car I drove.  Now?  Absolutely not.  I am ashamed that I actually used to feel like that measured me as a person somehow!  I am proud of my simple house and cars.  We can afford them and they work wonderfully. 
My home is a place of comfort and rest.  I love to just hang out at home with my faves!  My home has everything I need and I am grateful for it!

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