Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankfulness Day #15

My Sunday school class and church family.  Our couples ABF group is filled with strong, inspiring and motivated Christian couples who are great people to be around.  They are all there to encourage each other, love each other, pray for each other and be friends with each other all while worshiping our Lord!

I don’t consider myself to be a great Christian because I can’t quote the bible, I find it hard to break down what the Word is saying and apply it to my life and I fail the Lord daily, however, I am human and have a great love for God.  I try my hardest to live for Jesus and study the gospel, but sometimes you just need a “support group” to help you and that is exactly what I have with our bible study group! 

I am so thankful God crossed our paths.  He really does know what He’s doing :)

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