Friday, November 29, 2013

A case of the sickies

Mia started running a fever this past Monday.  We thought it was just a fluke thing that would be over in about 24 hours.  WRONG.  She ran a constant, persistent high fever for about 4 days.  I sent a text to her doctor on Tuesday night to give him an update and then called him on Wednesday.  He said to go ahead and bring her in since they would be closed on thanksgiving.  When we got there, her temperature was 104.7 axillary (and she had had Tylenol 2 hours previously) and I immediately started crying!!  I HATE when my babies are sick and miserable.  They started stripping her down and all she was saying was “Mommy I’m cold.  I wanna hold you.”  My heart was absolutely breaking.

They ran a strep test which was negative.  Stated it was a virus, with an ear infection on top of it.  As much as I don’t want her to have an infection of any sort, I just hate it always being “viral” because I want to fix her and give her something to get better.

So we had to postpone our thanksgiving until the Saturday after.  We laid around the house and stayed on a constant cycle of Motrin and Tylenol.

And had ice cream for breakfast.  Because in this house, when you run a high fever and feel like absolute crap, you get what you want for breakfast…


And we took LOTS of naps…
You know this kid is SICK when she takes TWO naps, voluntarily, in a day.

So thankful this sickness is out of here!!

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