Monday, November 18, 2013

A wonderful weekend

This past weekend (or past few days) was probably one of my favorites I’ve had in a while.  Besides the left side of my face about to throb off and the little 8 hour work gig on the side, it was fantastic!!!
Thursday, we got up early, I took Mia to school, we let daddy get caught up on sleep and Finley and I went to have breakfast with Meme and Poppy.  After breakfast, I had to run to the dentist, again, to have this socket packed, and then we went to pick up Mia.  After picking her up, we headed to Kohl's to go shopping!  After a little shopping, we had lunch at McAlister's, came back and picked up Ben from school and visited the sweet little puppies for a bit.

Playing in the cart at Kohl's!

Sweet puppies!!
My personal favorite puppy, MJ!!  He just loves to cuddle!!

Meme and her girls at McAlister's!

We then headed out to do a bit more shopping/browsing, this time with Uncle Ben!

Pops and Mia…

Visiting the Disney store, Mia’s FAVE!

And of course, you should always eat before you get hungry (LOL, inside joke on Meme!), so we had dinner at Chuy’s!


Friday, Meme had to work and I needed to get Mia’s last Christmas gifts, so Finley and I picked Poppy up and we 3 went back to the mall!  You can never go to the mall TOO much :)  Poppy even bought the girls their Christmas gifts!  Thank you for being so generous Poppy!
After shopping, Daddy picked Mia up and met us at a local restaurant called the “Mussel and Burger Bar.”  It was AH-MAZING!!  We came home, had naps and then Meme, Poppy and Ben came over to keep up company!!
Saturday morning I had to work until 3, then we went out to dinner to celebrate the finalization of Jackson’s adoption!!!  He is such a loved little guy!  Welcome to the family baby Jack!!
Sunday, we ALL (my family, along with mom, dad, and Ben) went to church!  I was so happy to have us all there together :)  After church, Poppy took us to lunch at a delicious place called Mitchell’s Fish Market.  Even Finley like the salmon!!  We then all came home and had a lazy Sunday, lounging in comfy’s on the couch.
It was the perfect ending to a GREAT past few days.


I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE spending time with my family and loved ones, you are never promised another day and I do NOT take them for granted.  I am so thankful for all of my loved ones.  I love you all more than you will ever know!

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