Saturday, November 9, 2013

New developments

Over the past couple of weeks:
Finley has started crawling.  Like completely.  She gets her little self wherever she wants to go!
Miss thang has also started pulling up.  As happy as I am for each milestone, I am also equally as sad. My (possibly last) baby is growing up tooooo fast!
Finley got her first official fever/virus (11-11-13)
Finley literally WAVES to everyone!  Super cute.
My baby is starting to wean herself from nursing and my heart is breaking.  As bad as I am fighting it, she is literally slowing way down.  She is on the go and doesn’t have time to stop and nurse.  I plan to continue with at least morning and night sessions until she is 12 months, but I’m pretty sure we are giving up our day time nursing.  I have pretty much stopped pumping and we are about out of breast milk storage, so we have been supplementing with Similac Organic and Similac Sensitive (because I was unsure how it would do on her belly).  Although I have absolutely nothing against formula, (Mia was formula fed from 6 weeks old), I feel somehow let down by giving Finley formula. Bittersweet.
Finley is also sleeping THROUGH the night.  I’m talking at least 6-8 straight hours, every night.  She goes to bed between 730-830 and wakes up anywhere between 330-530.  It is fabulous!


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