Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Check on the teefers

Today was Mia’s 6 month dental cleaning/exam.  While I was trying to get ready, Finley was supposed to be napping and big sister was supposed to be watching her show.  When I come out to check on them, this is what I find…

Oh these sisterly shenanigans.  Love them. 

Just me and my big girl went to her appt., and she did great, for the most part.  She is terrified of certain, silly things, like lying back in the chair!  HA

I mean, could she look any more like a teenager???

After her cleaning.  Checking them out with the little mirror!!

Sweet Dr. Hansford showing her all of the instruments and explaining what she is doing with each of them.
Notice her one leg half way off the table?  Gotta have one foot out of the door in case she needs to escape, quickly!  HAHA

We then stopped and grabbed lunch and then I had to run by work for a required vaccine.  Love spending one-on-one time with each of my babes.

Later that night, I was busy doing something and I told Mia to take my phone and go take a picture of Finley, to show me what she was doing (she was in her bed).  She brought back this picture…

Mia is such a HUGE helper and loves her baby sister.  I am SO thankful for their age difference.  At first, I wanted all of my kids at least two years apart, but then God had a different plan, and I am so thankful He did!!

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