Saturday, November 16, 2013

Finley is 10 months old!

Little lady,
Today is the 10 month anniversary of our lives completely changing, for the better.  Way better.  Before you were born, I thought our lives were just fine, which, they were, and I didn’t think I could ever love another child as much as I did Mia.  You can read all about these moments in other posts.  I questioned my selfishness in having another baby, all the way up until the day you were born.  But on this day, 10 months ago, I was proven wrong.  So, SO wrong. 


You came in this world and instantly stole our hearts.  I immediately was just as in love with you as I was/is your sister.  I knew the moment you came out I would lay my life down for you.  My love for you is so crazy strong, it literally takes my breath away thinking about it.


Finley Claire, you continue to be an absolute joy to everyone you come in contact with.  I know I say this in every post, but I just keep waiting for the walls to come crashing down and you turn into this demanding, cranky baby.  It’s just not happening.  You smile and wave frantically at anyone who will talk to you.  Heck, you even wave at people just passing by, who aren't’ talking to you.  Everyone, and I do mean everyone, who comes into contact with you, tells us how sweet and cute you are.  They adore your smile and your sweet little personality.  You are infectious and your smile is contagious.


This month we have started supplementing with Similac Organic or Similac Sensitive; I have completely quit pumping and we nurse before bed, in the middle of the night (if you wake up) and first thing in the morning.  We may have a sporadic day time nursing session here and there, but it is totally random when/if we do.  You are eating so much more big people food.  You even turn your nose up at baby food now.  I am sad about our nursing relationship coming to an end, but you are weaning yourself.  Please don’t grow up too fast baby girl, your mama needs a little more time!


You sleep in your bed at night.  Typically we go in and rock/nurse, then I put you in your bed (awake), and walk out between 730-830.  You usually sleep straight through until around 330-530.  We nurse at that time.  Back to bed until around 7.  We nurse and get up for the morning.  You are usually ready for your morning nap around 9-10. We then have breakfast/bottle and play for a few hours.  You take two more naps through the day, but you are very go-with-the-flow and will take small car naps, but it never affects your mood.  You are happy as a clam, no matter what the nap situation!!  It’s a good thing, because I feel like we are always on the go!


You are crawling around like crazy.  Your favorite place to jet off to is Mia’s closet!!  That big sis has ALL the fun stuff :)  You have started pulling up while playing, but just here recently, you have started pulling up in your bed! Guess it’s time to lower the mattress!!  You love to feed yourself, take baths with big sis, play with the dog and be talked to.  You are so silly that you think it’s funny when I bulb suction your nose! HAHA


You say mama, dada and dahdah (dog dog).  You have said “bahbah” (bye-bye) once!  You are learning so much everyday.
You are absolutely a mama’s girl!!  When I walk in a room, you just light up and smile SO big.  If I walk out without acknowledging you, you cry!  You also love your blankie and paci!
You aren’t quite as tough as your big sister (she had to be, from the beginning), you get your feelings hurt WAY easier than Mia!  You are my little sensitive Susie, and I love it and your sweetheart!!


Finley, we love you OH SO MUCH!  You bring us even more happiness than we thought was possible.  You are an absolute delight to have and I am so blessed to be your mama!  You rock my world, sweet sweet girl!


We love you, forever and ever.

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