Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lets swing!

Today was an excellent weather day, especially for November.  We decided to go to our trusty close-to-home dog park to let the two older girls burn off some energy.  Sam has so much energy, but with the weather getting cooler, Mia doesn’t want to go outside.  And Sam?  LOVES the cold!

Little Finley LOVES the swing.  She giggles the whole time :)


Slide with daddy!  Mia and Sam were off running like crazy!

We had a very chill night after daddy went to work.  You know, the typical pick up the house, feed the children, let the dog out, bathe the children, do some laundry, put the kids to bed dance that mom’s do nightly.

This girl is NOT picky!!  Eating cooked carrots, strawberries and cheese…


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