Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday friend time

I worked today from 7-3.  Dave had to leave at 130 because it was an early start day.  Mom and Dad were both working, so you know who watched the girls all on their own?? My 16 year old brother.  And?  He rocked it!  What 16 year old boy can you say that about?  We just love that awesome dude!

When I got home, I fed Finley and we took a short nap together while we waited on the underground fence guy.  Once all that was done, Ben, the girls and I headed over to pick up Nadia, Mia’s bestie!  Mia was so good for Ben and it had been a while since the girls had been together, so I figured I would give them some play time.  Plus, Nadia is such a good girl, I don’t mind taking her anywhere!  And the two of them have an absolute blast together!

We got Nadia and went to CFA for food and play time!


Silly selfies….


Ice cream girls!

They had so much fun!

After we dropped Nadia off at home, Meme and Ben came over and hung out with us until midnight!!!

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