Sunday, July 7, 2013

Park/Dog park

We had a busy little fun day today!
We started our day at church, followed by the dog/kid park.  This park is a local little fenced in area with a small playground on it.  It is not advertised, we just happened to drive by it one day.  There is hardly anyone ever there, so we decided that would be the best place to take Sam, with her being over protective and all!


We finally bring Sam to a place where we can throw the ball and she can run freely, and she decides to lay under the playground for most of the time!  It was just too hot for her.  That little pampered princess :)




There was NO one there, so we had the whole place to ourselves!  It was so nice!  But HOT!


Mommy and Finley!


After about an hour in the heat, Sam was about to die, so we came home and gave her a nice cold bath!  We probably didn’t even need to hook her to anything because she just stood there, loving the cold water!

We had a FULL day, so cuddling was in order…

A good way to end any day  :)

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