Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Frequent flyers

I worked today until 3, came home and hung out with Ben and Dad for a bit and then Ben and I took the girls to our go-to-staple dinner CFA.

While we were sitting around at home, Mia was playing outside.  She came in and a few minutes later she looked like this…

I assumed she got a bug bite, because she always swells terribly when a mosquito bites her.  But, to be safe, I sent this picture to our favorite pediatrician! He agreed and I gave her some Benadryl and about an hour later was looking much better!  Freaked a momma out!


No bug bite can dull this girls sparkle ;)

Mia and Uncle B
Girls, he IS single and available!  Isn’t he a good looking guy??  Serious inquiries only, have to pass through sister bear first.

And this girl?  Never stops smiling.

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