Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Finley is 6 months!

Finley, aka Fin, FinFin, FinnyQ, Momma, Squishy and Finster, turned SIX months old today!!




Our perfectly healthy, happy baby was:
Weight: 14lbs-13oz  25%
Height: 24.5 inches  25%
Head: 16.75 inches  50%

Finley remains our always happy, always smiley baby.  She is content and loveable.  Very go with the flow.  (I guess that happens when you are the second child.  Don’t have much choice!)  She has absolutely completed our family and we could not imagine having this little blessing.  Our hearts are SO full!

Sleep:  Unfortunately, the past two weeks, Finley has been waking every 2-3 hours at night.  At first I thought it was a growth spurt.  As soon as I would latch her on, she would fall right to sleep.  And then I would lay her back down in her bed (she still sleeps in her “rock and play sleeper” by my bed) and no more than 2 hours later, she was back up.  Dr. Kim said it sounded like she is already developing some separation anxiety.  Oh I hope not!  Momma has GOT to get some sleep!  I haven’t sleep 8 straight hours since before January!!!  I’m thinking of trying the Ferber method, anyone try it before??

Clothes:  Mostly 6 month outfits.  Can still wear some 3 month onsies.  We don’t wear pants in the summer, but she could fit in 3 month ones because of her short little legs!! HA!  Like mother like daughter! (Both of them, actually)

Eat:  Still the same nursing schedule.about every 3-4 hours around the clock.  We also just recently started some solids.  At about 5 1/2 months we tried apples for the first time.  She was highly unimpressed.  Next day, bananas.  Again, unimpressed.  So we quit.  A few days ago she showed interest in the FroYo we were eating.  I gave her a taste and she loved it!  So we came home and had some more apples.  Much better, but still didn’t LOVE them.   Today we gave her a taste of a real mashed banana and some mashed spaghetti noodles with itsy bitsy chicken pieces (we are trying the Baby led weaning method).  She did ok. No choking or tongue thrusting, just not LOVING it.  She will do it when she’s ready!  We have also started experimenting with a cup!!




Tricks:  Finley girl can sit up for long periods, while supported, with a boppy. Without support, she can tripod for a few seconds.  She looks like a little weeble wobble!  She can roll from stomach to back, but not vice versa.  I’m sure she can, but doesn’t want to be on her belly, so she doesn’t!  While on her belly, she can push her whole upper body off the ground, reached for toys and get her knees up under her.  She can pass her toys from hand to hand and  bring them to her mouth.  She loves her tongue and toes right now.  Loves to jump in her jumper.  She talks to us ALL the time and NEVER stops smiling!!



Finley is absolutely my cuddle bug.  She loves to just be held and loved on.  She loves her paci (totally opposite of Mia) and her blankie (to be by her face!).  These six months have FLOWN by and it is so bittersweet for my momma heart.

Happy 1/2 birthday sweet angel baby!  Love you forever and ever!

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