Friday, July 5, 2013

Flea market, BBC and Comfy Cow

We are taking advantage of Dave having a couple of days off!

We started off today at the local Flea market.  Not exactly to shop, but to walk around, have a lemonade, try some samples and give us something to do!  Mia did end up getting some Essie nail polish and a Cinderella movie!  Spoiled much?

Me and my big girl!

After shopping for a bit, we met with Dave’s parents and aunt Terri and Uncle Charlie for some dinner and dessert!  We’ve started this thing, where we want to try a different restaurant, about once per month.  Today we tried the BBC.  It’s like a glorified hamburger/bar food-ish joint.  Pretty cool and the food was pretty good!

After dinner, we headed to the Comfy Cow for ice cream!  Another FIRST for us!  And I WILL go back!  Delicious!


My princess eating her mango sorbet!  SO refreshing!

And mine and Dave’s…


Crazy girl!  Whoever says sugar doesn’t affect kids, has obviously never met Mia, on sugar.  HA!

Such a fun day!

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