Saturday, July 6, 2013

Family reunion and Game

I worked today, so Dave took the girls to his family reunion!

Mia and her cousin Arleigh

Fin with her Nana

Once I got off work, we got ready and met Meme, Poppy and Ben at a different restaurant.  Poppy definitely kicked it up a notch with this one!  He chose a place called “Game.” Game serves food like Elk, Kangaroo, Bison, Antelope and Bone Marrow.  I wasn’t exactly excited about trying this place, not gonna lie.

Dad of course ordered bone marrow and meatballs.  Kangaroo, Duck and Lamb meatballs, to be exact.
Yes, this my friends, is a bone of a cow, cut in half, topped with parmesan cheese and baked.  Yes, I tasted it.  And y’all??  I can’t even describe the amount of disgust that was in my mouth.  It was so gelatinous and vomit-inducing.  Never.Again.

I had a wild boar burger, Dave had angus burger, mom bison burger and Ben had an antelope burger.  Mia had fries.  The only normal thing on the menu.

We experienced it, but never again.  I’m all about trying new things, but even that was WAY outside of my box!

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