Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lets get trained

So we dropped Sammy off today, about an hour away from the house, to be boarded and trained for the next month.  To say that I am sad, is an understatement.  In the grand scheme of things, 1 month is such a short period of time, and this needs to be done.

Although she is super amazing with us and the girls, she despises doesn’t like anyone else.  With the exception of my parents and Ben, and us, of course.  She barks ferociously at other people, tries to bite anyone/anything that comes near us and she always feels that everything is a threat to her and her people.


I don’t know about you, but I like to have people over.  I like to have friends.  Sammy doesn’t exactly agree.  And I hate putting her out every time someone comes over, so it was time that we get her behavior under control.  I hope and pray that she learns what is a true threat and what is not.  I don’t want her to not bark at anyone, just to know when is the appropriate time.

I love the fact that she will not let anything happen to me or my girls, but I also don’t want any kind of unwarranted bites.  NO ONE, will walk in this house, good or bad.  I love it and I don’t.


Anyway, the point is, we are taking appropriate measures to make sure we are all safe and that she is trained correctly. But? We miss her like crazy. 

One short month fur baby!

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