Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nadia’s b-day party and Date night!

This morning I woke up and decided to mash some banana for Finley for breakfast.  We’ve been doing a few bites of food every day, until she gets it.  The bananas were, OK.  We were all bouncing around the house, getting ready, cleaning up, etc.  Mia came in the kitchen and I went to the laundry room for  a quick second and came back out to see this…

Mia took over mommy duties, and did a GREAT job!  Finley went with it and ate for her big sis!!  The love between these two is amazing.  I hope and pray is stays this way, forever!

Today was Nadia’s 4th birthday!  Of course Mia was so excited to go, that is her BFF!!

These two a two peas in a pod!  They get along so well and just love being together!!

After the party, we headed back home because Nana and Aunt Terri were coming to get the girls so that we could have a painting DATE NIGHT!!  Although I missed my babies, we had a great time!

Meme, Poppy and Ben also went painting!


Before we even STARTED painting, Meme got paint on her back, then apparently leaned up against Pops and got paint on his brand new shirt!  Never, never, a dull moment!


The nice gentleman behind us offered to take our picture, and of course we got a classic photo bomb, by none other than my sweet, special baby brother.


Ben’s and mom’s painting.  Don’t let Ben fool you, he WON the blue painting.  He DID NOT paint that one.  And no, I will not let him claim it, either.  He’s standing there all proud, thinking he’s gonna own that one.  HA

All of the paintings.  Dave’s, mine, Ben’s, mom’s and dad’s.

We had a great time!


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