Saturday, May 17, 2014

A little tattoo, carriage and tiger action

We spent this weekend enjoying each other.  Like, for real.  We soak up every minute we have together and truly enjoy it.  I know it sounds cliché, but over the past 4 weeks, family time has taken on a whole new meaning.
We started at a tattoo convention.  HAHA I know, right?!  But everyone that knows Dave, knows he loves tattoos, am looking into another one, and it was something to do.  We walked around, mom got herself a tattoo that she had been wanting for a long time and Mia got her face painted.  Her request? A tiger!  Matches your personality perfectly, sister girl.

On our way, hand in hand with my guy <3



And little sister waits…

Sister loveddd it!!

Mom getting her ink.  And handling it like a champ!

After the convention, we headed to the spaghetti factory to have some yummy gluten free noodles and then take a horse and carriage ride! 

We even got to eat in the train!

Mia truly felt like Cinderella!



It was a totally perfect weekend with my loves :)

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