Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 2 of hospital stay (round 1)

The night went well, other than the constant flow of people in and out.  Dave’s labs are still good and he is tolerating the chemo well so far.  I was supposed to work, but got cancelled, thank God, so that I could spend all day with my baby.

Of course, selfies!! Ignore my super sleepy eyes ;)

I hung out most of the night and then went home to spend the night with the girls.  We are desperately trying to keep their world as normal as possible.  But MAN!!  I am so torn and so full of emotion.  This is so dang HARD!

Mommy/daughter selfies to send to daddy!  Then we Face timed him to tell him goodnight!

At the end of the night, before I left the hospital, I could tell Dave was swelling a bit in his belly and eyes.  All of the fluids he was getting, his kidneys couldn’t keep up!  They ended up giving him Lasix and he felt much better!
Still so far so good…
Counting all of the small victories!

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