Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 4 hospital stay (round 1)

I didn’t take any pictures today.  I forgot to mention that 13 days ago we put our house up for sale by owner (no sign, just on a website), yesterday we had a showing (thanks to my dad for being there to show it for us!) and last night we had an offer.  So this afternoon, I met with the realtor and they offered full price PLUS offered to pay all closing costs.  They are already pre approved and are putting $10,000 down.
We weren’t in extreme hurry, but knew our income was going to be decreased significantly, so we were being proactive.  However, we had no idea it would sell so soon!  Although it is very bittersweet so sell this house, I know it’s the right thing to do.  We will be moving in with Dave’s Aunt and Uncle for a little bit to help save some money and allow me to be very flexible with my schedule, so that I can be there for Dave and the girls.  Although this is a major ding to our pride, we are going to humble ourselves and be thankful in this storm.
We are very thankful to have so many people willing to help us and love on us during this difficult time.
Please continue to pray for Dave and his healing.  Pray that the tumor responds well to the chemo and it shrinks significantly and that he will continue to have minimal side effects to the chemo.  And if I could be a little bit selfish for a minute, please pray for my mental and emotional state right now.  I am trying to be there with my husband, take care of my girls, work, sell the house, move, etc. all while feeling every emotion all at the same time.  I go from being happy and hopeful, to angry and sad within minutes. 
Please keep our entire family in your prayers, as this is a family disease.  Everyone is affected.
Love you all!

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