Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 3 hospital stay (round 1)

This morning, the girls and I got up and got ready to go to their dentist appointment!  This was Finley’s first time!



After all this time, Mia STILL cries at the dentist!  HATES it!


Finley did pretty good, actually!  She did not want Dr. Kim's hands in her mouth!  HA

After the dentist, the girls and I and Meme and Ben stopped by Target to surprise daddy with some treats and games!  Today is the first day he has been able to see them since he was admitted.


Today was also the day that I could look in Dave’s eyes and just tell he was exhausted.  The chemo is starting to take it’s toll on him, but my gosh he is such an amazing a strong man!  He takes it like a trooper and I am so proud of him!

The girls were so excited to see their daddy!  I think the feeling was mutual ;)

Trying to make the best of every day.

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